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Local Blacktop Paving Services for Abilene & Sweetwater, TX

At Little Manufacturing Inc, our asphalt paving contractors are ready to help you install a new driveway. Whether you need your driveway resealed or replaced, our team can help. We know how frustrating stone driveways can be with the constant need to replace stones and keep them flat. Our asphalt paving contractors will provide you with a smooth, hassle-free driveway. Contact our blacktop paving company for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve Abilene, TX; Sweetwater, TX; and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Asphalt Driveways


Blacktop paving creates a very smooth surface to walk and drive on, which reduces the likelihood of injury. Stone driveways are uneven, which makes tripping or getting your tires caught more likely to happen.


The cost for our asphalt paving contractors to come put in a new driveway is not expensive because it's a very fast process. When you hire help for construction paying for labor can get expensive, but since blacktop paving doesn't take long, you don't have to worry about that.

Less noise

The sound of driving across a stone driveway is much noisier than driving across a smooth blacktop that has just been paved.


The material used during the blacktop paving process is recycled and used again, which results in less waste being put into the environment.

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Contact our asphalt paving contractors to schedule an appointment to have a new driveway installed! Our blacktop paving services are available to Abilene, TX; Sweetwater, TX; and the surrounding areas.

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