Dirt Work

Local Dirt Work Services for Abilene & Sweetwater, TX

At Little Manufacturing Inc, we offer dirt work services to help prepare land for building homes. Dirt work contractors will:
Before contracting dirt work contractors, you should have your soil tested to make sure the moisture levels are in the proper place. Contact our team to schedule a time for our dirt work contractors to come prep your land for the building process. We proudly serve residents of Abilene and Sweetwater, TX.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Dirt Work Services


Equipment - The equipment used for dirt work and excavation is expensive, so most people don’t just buy it. However, it is important to have the proper equipment if you want the dirt work done right. If the soil is not properly prepared before you start building, you will run into some serious issues.


It’s not uncommon for some things to go wrong during the excavation process, so having an insured and licensed manufacturing company take care of your dirt work is smart. If something goes wrong and you are doing your own excavation, you are out of luck. But if you hired an excavation company, you would have insurance and be able to get everything fixed.


There are several safety protocols that need to be followed when you’re doing an excavation project. The edges of holes are extremely fragile, so getting too close to the edge as you fill holes can result in injuries. Our dirt work contractors are trained well, so the chances of having an accident are minimal when you hire us.

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Our team of asphalt paving contractors are in Abilene and Sweetwater, TX. Call us for a consultation or to set up an appointment today for asphalt repairs or parking lot repairs!
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