How to Fill a Pothole

Step By Step Guide for Filling a Pothole

Potholes cause enormous amounts of vehicle damage every year. They are often the culprit behind blown tires, bent rims, scratched paint, and damaged suspension systems. If you see a pothole, you want to get it fixed immediately to prevent it from expanding or damaging any vehicle that drives over it. Here are two solutions you can use to fix the pothole yourself:

1.     Cold Pothole Patch

Cold pothole patches start with you having to clean out pebbles and any loose materials in the pothole. Use a wire street broom to clean the pothole and surrounding area. Then you can pour your cold mix asphalt patch into the pothole. Fill it enough so that a depression will not form when you tamp it down. After that, use your shovel, lute, or rake to spread the patch inside the hole. If your patch is water-activated, use a watering can or hose to lightly water the patch. Finally, compact the patch and tamp it down. You can use a tamper tool, asphalt roller, or plate compactor.

2.     Infrared Patching:

Infrared patching is a great choice for repairing potholes. It involves heating the asphalt, adding a rejuvenator to reactivate the binders, and then reworking the asphalt. It starts with cleaning, just like the cold patch. You must remove all loose pebbles and materials, pull weeds around the hole, and use a leaf blower to get everything out. Then heat the asphalt using an asphalt heater by placing it over the hole and turning it on. Leave it on for five to seven minutes before removing it. Now, use your lute to rework the asphalt, starting with the edges. Use the blunt side of the lute to push the edges of the heated asphalt towards the center a few inches. Next, flip the lute around and rework the entire area. Add some hot asphalt milling and then spray some rejuvenator on the area. Finally, compact the entire area with a tamper tool, asphalt roller, or plate compactor.

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