Did You Know That Asphalt Can Be Recycled?

This is done through the use of a milling machine. Old asphalt is taken and crushed into pieces by the machine until it’s similar to gravel pieces in size. The resulting asphalt millings are still extremely durable and make for a great founding for repaving a driveway, parking lot, or other asphalt surface.


In this day and age of environmental sustainability, asphalt millings can go a long way!

Millings Are Even Better Than Gravel In Some Ways

First things first: the recycling of old asphalt to make millings is far less expensive than making new asphalt gravel to use. This in turn reduces labor and transportation costs. Sealcoating and resurfacing won’t be needed with millings either, as they harden over time, making them even stronger. Finally, millings create less dust and dirt than gravel does.

What We Do With Your Millings

Recycling old asphalt to make millings can be an easy and effective way to generate materials for your excavation project. If you’re paving a parking lot or a driveway, you need gravel to provide the foundation for your project. Using millings allows you to use your old surface in your new one. It’s easy, convenient, and economical; everything you need for an efficient project. The finished project will be strong and reliable; it’s important to be able to trust your surfaces for years to come, and high-quality millings provide that security in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way.
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