New Driveways

New Driveways for Abilene & Sweetwater, TX

If you are looking to have a new driveway paved for your Abilene or Sweetwater home, Little Mfg Inc. is fully prepared to make it happen. The addition of a new driveway is a quick way to add to your home’s curbside appeal. It also provides a number of safety features that help keep your home well maintained and reduce the risk of accidents. Don’t let a crumbling old path ruin the aesthetic of your home or business. Our driveway contractors can construct a new driveway from asphalt or concrete that will refresh your property and increase its value. Give us a call today for an estimate!

Blacktop Paving Your New Driveway

Blacktop paving your new driveway has many benefits over other materials home and business owners may be considering. Having your driveway blacktop paved is very cost effective. Asphalt is made from recycled materials which not only makes it an inexpensive option but also environmentally friendly. Asphalt also sets faster than most materials, making it a good choice if you are in a hurry to install your new driveway. The final product is very flat and smooth compared to other paved surfaces. Children can enjoy riding their bikes or scooters on a bump free driveway with minimal risk of falling. A new blacktop also absorbs sounds so you can pull your car in undetected. Give us a call today for more information on blacktop paving your new driveway. 

Trusted Driveway Sealcoating Services

Our professional driveway sealcoating service creates a membrane that protects your driveway from the damaging effects of the outdoor elements (like the sun, rock salt, oil, gas, and ice). At Little Manufacturing, we provide this service to all new driveways to ensure it is built to last.
We handle all aspects of sealcoating included all prep work and clean up before and after the job. Besides increasing the longevity of your driveway, our sealcoating creates an attractive, uniform coat over the pavement and is the most cost-effective way of ensuring durability within the new driveway.
To learn more about our driveway sealcoating service, reach out to our team today!

Contact Our Asphalt Paving Contractors to Secure Your New Driveway

Abilene & Sweetwater, TX residents that require a new driveway to be installed or repaired, don’t put it off another day. Our team of asphalt paving contractors can complete most residential projects in a day or less. Given the harsh, hot weather in West Texas, the importance of quality blacktop & asphalt paving should not be overlooked. If you have any questions on materials or Little Manufacturing’s other services like excavation & milling, contact us today. We look forward to giving you a durable driveway that can withstand the Texas elements.

Contact Little Manufacturing Inc Today for a Consultation

Our team of asphalt paving contractors are in Abilene and Sweetwater, TX. Call us for a consultation or to set up an appointment today for asphalt repairs or parking lot repairs!
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