Sweetwater, TX

Land Development & More for Sweetwater, TX

Sweetwater, TX is home to nearly 10,000 residents and continues to grow each year. With an expanding population the need for land development, dirt work, and excavation services increases in demand. Little Manufacturing Inc is proud to be a part of this expanding community by laying the foundation for growth.
Our excavation contractors are local to the area so we understand the soil type we are dealing with when we show up to a job site. We have the equipment and knowledge that will make your land development project run smoothly and on schedule. Next time you are looking for an excavation service that does quality work, give Little Manufacturing Inc a call. Our asphalt paving contractors also specialize in parking lot repair and new driveway sealcoating.

Your Local Source for Quality Excavation Services

Our excavation contractors have been assisting residential and commercial property owners in Sweetwater for over six decades. Whether you are looking to lay a foundation for a new house, clear out a lot for a new office building, dig underground to install utility lines, or excavate a quarry to build a bridge, we are the team to trust with your construction project. Our excavation services include digging, dredging, and trenching and our crew has the proper tools and techniques to complete successful site preparation through a wide array of terrains and soil types. From the initial survey to the final cleanup, you won’t go wrong with the excavation contractors here at Little Manufacturing Inc. If you’re not sure whether our excavation services encompass the needs of your land development project, please do not hesitate to reach out and discuss your situation with our experts.

Brighten Up Your Sweetwater Property With New Driveway Sealcoating or Professional Parking Lot Repair

No job is complete without the finishing touches. After our excavation contractors have completed their portion of the project, let our asphalt paving contractors finish up with blacktop paving for your new driveway or parking lot. A new driveway for your Sweetwater property creates an inviting atmosphere to welcome you home or customers into your business. Our asphalt paving contractors like to top off every asphalt paving project with driveway sealcoating for long lasting results. We do the same for parking lot repairs so your customers can have a smooth transition from the parking lot into your business. Give our asphalt paving contractors a call today for blacktop paving and driveway sealcoating services!

Contact Little Manufacturing Inc Today for a Consultation

Our team of asphalt paving contractors are in Abilene and Sweetwater, TX. Call us for a consultation or to set up an appointment today for asphalt repairs or parking lot repairs!
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